Problems with OpenOffice.org on Ubuntu 10.4

If you are experiencing problems running OpenOffice.org under Ubuntu 10.4, you might be able to solve those problems by simply installing the OpenOffice.org Office Suite over your current OpenOffice.

After recently updating my PC to Ubuntu 10.4, I discovered I could not install the LanguageTool grammar-checker extension for Writer (the OpenOffice.org word processor). Also, I could not export an ODT file as an XHTML file. I found the solution to both problems accidentally. While looking for any Ubuntu software that might help, I stumbled upon OpenOffice.org Office Suite. Installing this suite over my existing OpenOffice repaired both problems.

For more details, please see my Associated Content document, How to Repair OpenOffice.org On Ubuntu 10.4.

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    Thanks guide for repairing OpenOffice on my ubuntu.