Adding a logo to a Google Sites website

To add a logo to the header on your Google Sites website, you should create a logo as a GIF file that has a transparent background. As detailed in the procedure below, you can do this through Google Docs, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), and Google Sites:
  1. Open Google Docs, click Create new, click Drawing to display an Untitled drawing, click File, click Rename, and then type an appropriate name, such as "TClogo." Note: While using separate components (such as rectangles, circles, and triangles) to create your logo, set the boarder lines to Transparent so that your logo later displays smooth edges.
  2. Download your new drawing as a JPEG file, use GIMP to crop the logo, save it as a JPEG file (such as TClogo01.jpg), click Image, click Scale Image, set image height to 100 pixels, click Scale, click File, click Save, and then click Save again.
  3. Click File, click Save As, click Select File Type (By Extension), select PNG image, click Save, and then click Save again.
  4. Click Colors, click Color to Alpha, click OK, click File, and then click Save. This makes the white background of your logo transparent.
  5. Click File, click Save As, click Select File Type (By Extension), select GIF image, click Save, click Export, and then click Save.
  6. Sign into your Google Sites website, click More actions, click Manage site, click Site layout, and then click change logo.
  7. Select Custom Logo, click Choose File, navigate to and select your GIF logo file (such as TClogo01.gif), click Open, click OK, click Save Changes, and and then click Return to site.


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