Why not use a desktop computer?

I grow rather tired of almost every 'computer authority' online continually stating that "desktop computers are dead." I strongly disagree, for several reasons:
  • Desktop computers are less expensive than portable devices that have comparable capabilities.
  • Peripherals for desktops are easier to use. Larger displays are more readable than smaller screens. Mice are are more precise than touch pads. Full-size keyboards are much more fun than their miniature emulators.
  • A desktop PC can help you save additional money through open source software, such as Ubuntu (a free Linux operating system) and LibreOffice (a free alternative to M$ Office). For example, you can order a desktop PC without an operating system, and then install a Linux operating system and whatever open-source software you need.
  • Desktop PCs are easier to repair than most portable devices.
  • Some new desktop PCs, such as the Zotac ZBOX Mini PC occupy little space and consume little power.

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