How to download and install LibreOffice

LibreOffice, provided by The Document Foundation, is an excellent, powerful business productivity suite that replaces Microsoft Office for most tasks that most people perform. As open-source software, LIbreOffice is free to download, install and use.

LibreOffice for Linux - You need not download LIbreOffice for Linux. Major Linux distributions, such as Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu, include LIbreOffice. For each release, each distribution updates its LibreOffice to the newest version. For example, Ubuntu 11.10 currently includes LibreOffice. Scheduled for release in April, 2012, Ubuntu 12.04 will include LibreOffice 3.5.
LibreOffice for Mac - To download and install LibreOffice on a Macintosh computer, follow the instructions at Installation of LibreOffice on a Mac.
LibreOffice for Windows 7 - To install LibreOffice on a Windows 7 PC, do the following:
  1. Uninstall any existing versions of OpenOffice.org and/or LibreOffice.
  2. Go to the LibreOffice Download page, click the Main installer to download its file.
  3. Click Keep, click the downloaded file, and then wait for it to open and display the Open File - Security Warning window.
  4. Click Run to open the Installation Wizard.
  5. Click Next to display the Setup Type window, click Next, click Install to install LibreOffice, and then click Finish.
  6. Click LIbreOffice built-in help, repeat steps 3 and 4 to install the LibreOffice Help Pack, and then click Finish.

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