Using Unity workspaces in Ubuntu

In the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system, you can use Unity workspaces as virtual desktops. Multiple workspaces simplify complex projects because you need overlap and/or minimize fewer windows.
Adding windows to Unity workspaces - You can add windows to two or more Unity workspaces. To add windows to workspaces, do the following:
  1. In the Launcher, click the Workspaces icon to display all four workspaces.

  2. Select a workspace by moving your mouse pointer over it. For example, you can place your pointer over the lower-right workspace.

  3. Expand your selected workspace to full size by clicking it. Continuing this example, you click the lower-right workspace to expand it.
  4. Open a window in your expanded workspace. Continuing this example, you can open a browser and go to an educational website.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for other workspaces. Continuing this example, you might open two new LibreOffice documents, such as a Writer text document in the upper-left workspace, and a Calc spreadsheet in the upper-right workspace.

Note: You need not use all four workspaces. In this example, the lower-left workspace contains no windows.
Moving windows among Unity workspaces - You can move any window to any other workspace. To move a window from one workspace to another, do the following:
  1. Click the Workspaces icon, click a workspace to open it, and then select the window you want to move to another workspace. For example, you can select the LibreOffice Writer document in the upper-left workspace.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift and press an arrow key to move the window. Continuing this example, you can press ↓ to move the Writer document the to lower-left workspace.
  3. Click the Workspaces icon to verify that you have moved the window as intended.

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for any other window you wish to move to another workspace.
Note: As on any desktop, you can add more than one window to any workspace.
Removing windows from Unity workspaces - After you finish using your workspaces, make sure you save all documents and close each window in every workspace. This guards against losing edits when when you shut down or restart your PC.

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