Fixing a LibreOffice Calc 3D spreadsheet problem

If you use LibreOffice Calc for one or more 3D spreadsheets, they might recently have stopped working correctly. If you have this problem, this document might help you fix it.

I use LibreOffice on a Linux PC. Recently, my Calc 3D spreadsheet lost its ability to share information among its separate sheets. Sheet names disappeared from the formulas that referenced cells in other sheets. I don't know what has caused this problem; it could be a bug in an update to LibreOffice Calc.

If you also have this problem, your might see either incorrect data or an error message similar to that in Figure 1. In this example, the original formula in cell E8 was '=Qtr1.E8+E7,' which adds the value in cell E8 of sheet Qtr1 (First Quarter) to the value in cell E7 of this sheet, Qtr2. The problem caused 'Qtr1.' to disappear.
Figure 1 - The missing sheet name causes an error, Err:522.
To correct this problem, you would simply type Qtr1. (including the period) after the '=' sign and prior to the 'E8+E7' in formula field as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2 - Restoring the sheet name, 'Qtr1.' corrects the error.

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