How to keep your Chromebook cool

Most Chromebooks (and other laptop computers) have underside cooling vents. If you accidentally block these vents, even partially, you risk overheating your Chromebook. This brief document can help you avoid that problem.
This is the left-front cooling vent under my Chromebook.
I am sharing this information through personal experience. Two years ago, when my Chromebook was new, I tried keeping it on a folded blanket while using it.
A soft surface, such as blanket can block
your Chromebook's vents, which causes overheating.
The soft, fluffy surface blocked the vents and overheated my Chromebook. When it failed suddenly and completely, I wondered whether I had ruined it. Fortunately, I was able to recover it according to the instructions in Google's Use the Chromebook Recovery Utility.

To avoid blocking your Chromebook's cooling vents, use it only a solid surface, such as a table or any other flat surface. For example, I found an inexpensive cutting board on which to place my Chromebook.
A plastic cutting board, or similar flat
surface can keep your Chromebook cool.

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