How to install RealPlayer 11 on Ubuntu

Although the Ubuntu distribution of Linux is an excellent operating system, it lacks certain features that should be standard. For example, until you install extra software, Ubuntu cannot play MP3 audio files.

Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, wants the Ubuntu community to distribute and maintain only open-source software. Therefore, Ubuntu cannot directly distribute licensed software. However, users can usually download and install the software they want. For most software packages that you need to install, you can do so automatically through either the Ubuntu Software Center or the Synaptic Package Manager. However, you sometimes need to download a software package and then install it manually. This is actually a simple process. For example, you can easily download and install RealPlayer 11 as a DEB (Debian) software package. RealPlayer 11 lets you play various media files, including MP3 audio files.

Note: Although this article focuses on installing RealPlayer on Ubuntu, it also serves as a general procedure for installing any DEB (Debian) software package on Ubuntu.

To install RealPlayer 11 on your Ubuntu PC, do the following:
  1. Go to the RealPlayer 11 for Linux website.
  2. Below “Download RealPlayer,” and below ”Advanced Installation Options,” click on DEB Package to display the “Opening RealPlayer11GOLD.deb” window.
  3. Select Save File, and then click OK to display the “Downloads” window.
  4. Double-click on ReaPlayer11GOLD.deb to prepare for the installation and display the “Package Installer – realplay” window.
  5. Click on the Install Package button to display the “You need to grand administrative rights to install software” dialog.
  6. Type your password, and then click OK to redisplay the “Package Installer – realplay” window and continue the installation.
  7. After the installation displays the “Postfix Configuration” window, click on the Forward button TWICE to continue the installation.
  8. After the installation displays “Installation Finished,” click the Close button to redisplay the “Package Installer – realplay” window.
  9. Close the “Package Installer – realplay” window.
When you first run RealPlayer 11, you need to perform a few setup steps. However, these are quick and simple.

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