How to install virtual XP on Ubuntu

After you install virtualization software, such as VirtualBox OSE, on an Ubuntu host operating system, you can install almost any other guest operating system to run simultaneously with its Ubuntu host. A guest operating system is also called a VM (Virtual Machine). This article explains how to install VirtualBox on an Ubuntu host, and then run it to install Windows XP as a guest operating system, (also called a Windows XP client, or a virtual machine XP).
Installing VirtualBox
To install VirtualBox OSE on Ubuntu, do the following:
  1. Click on the Applications menu to display its drop-down list.
  2. Click on Add/Remove to display the "Add/Remove Applications" window.
  3. Select VirtualBox OSE, and then click on Apply Changes to display its dialog.
  4. Click on Apply to install VirtualBox OSE.
Setting Up VirtualBox
To set up VitualBox, do the following:
  1. Use Applications -> Accessories -> Virtual Box OSE to display the "Welcome to VirtualBox" window.
  2. Click on New to display the "Welcome to the New Virtual Machine Wizard."
  3. Click on Next to display the "VM Name and OS Type" window, type a name (such as MyVirtualXP), select the Microsoft Windows Operating System, and then select the Windows XP Version.
  4. Click on Next to display the "Memory" window, accept the default Base Memory Size, and then click on Next to display the "Virtual Hard Disk" window.
  5. Click on New to display the Welcome to the "Create New Virtual Disk Wizard," click on Next to display the "Hard Disk Storage Type" window, accept the default Storage Type, and then click on Next to display the "Virtual Disk Location and Size" window.
  6. Set Size to approximately 20 GB, click on Next to display the "Summary" window, and then click on Finish to display the "Virtual Hard Disk" window. Accept the default virtual boot disk.
  7. Click on Next to display the "Summary" window, click on Finish to display the "VirtualBox OSE" window, and then close that window.
Installing Virtual XP
To install Windows XP as a guest operating (virtual XP, virtual machine XP) system on your Ubuntu host operating system, do the following:
  1. Use Applications -> Accessories -> Virtual Box OSE to display the "VirtualBox OSE" window.
  2. Place your Windows XP installation CD into your CD drive, and then click on the Settings icon, click on CD/DVD-ROM, and then select (check mark) Mount CD/DVD Drive.
  3. Click OK to redisplay the "VirtualBox OSE" window.
  4. Click on the Start icon to display a "VirtualBox Information" window that explains the "Auto Capture" keyboard. (The host key is the right Ctrl key.) This lets you switch the keyboard (and, separately, the mouse) between Ubuntu and its virtual XP.
  5. Click OK to close the "VirtualBox Information" window, and then follow the prompts to install a Windows XP client (virtual XP, virtual machine XP) on your Ubuntu host.
Important: Before you can install updates to your
Windows XP client, and before it can run correctly,
you must install its Guest Additions
according to the section below.

Installing Guest Additions on Virtual XP
To install Guest Additions on your Windows XP client, do the following:
  1. From within your Windows XP client window, press right Ctrl, select Devices, and then click Install Guest Additions to display the "VirtualBox - Question" window.
  2. Click Yes and then click Download to download the CD image and display the download-progress indicator in the lower left corner.
  3. After the CD image downloads successfully, click Mount to display the Guest Additions Setup Wizard and then click Next to display the License Agreement.
  4. Click I Agree to display the default Destination Folder, click Next, and then click Install to start installing Guest Additions.
  5. At each Microsoft warning, click Continue Anyway.
  6. Select Reboot now and click Finish.


  1. Virtual XP is available for only Windows7 editions:


    Which version should I choose for Ubuntu 12.04?

    1. Vineet - Sorry to respond so slowly; I haven't been paying enough attention to this blog. If you first install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 12.04, you can then install XP from its cd. I hope this helps. - Comradely - Dave