Reviewing Tech Smiths in New Paltz, New York

If you live within driving distance of New Palz, New York, a small college town in the Hudson Valley, and you need computer repair or service, I highly recommend Tech Smiths. Whether you own a PC or a Mac, I am sure you will find their technicians helpful and their fees reasonable.

In February, 2012, my partner's iMac computer failed completely. Despite carefully trying everything recommended in her iMac documentation, she could not boot her system. It would only beep sadly. After borrowing my standby Linux PC to search for "iMac repair," she found Tech Smiths, which is "Hudson Valley's only Apple Authorized Service Provider." She also found a big store nearby that could repair her iMac, but only if she had bought it there.
As we walked into Tech Smiths for our first visit, we braced ourselves for what usually passes as "service" (meaning not so much). To our delight, all three technicians were knowledgeable and cordial. After a technician greeted us politely, I asked, "How soon can you look at her iMac?" To our astonishment, he smiled and answered, "Is right now soon enough?." Grinning, I answered, "Probably." It only went uphill from there. After determining her iMac needed a new RAM-memory module, the Tech Smiths replaced it quickly and inexpensively.
We will not hesitate to visit Tech Smiths when we again need computer service. If only every business could be run in such a calm, gentle way, which succeeds by treating employees and customers fairly.

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