Installing LibreOffice on Xubuntu

Although Xubuntu does not include the LibreOffice productivity suite by default, you can install it easily through the Ubuntu Software Center. After you have installed Xubuntu on any PC, this document can help you install LibreOffice and then configure it according to your preferences.
Intalling LibreOffice - To install LibreOffice on your Xubuntu PC, do the following:
  1. Click the Applications Menu icon (white mouse at the top-left of your screen) to display the Applications Menu.
  2. Click Ubuntu Software Center, type libreoffice into the search field, scroll down to, and click, LibreOffice, and then click Install.
  3. Type your password, click Authenticate, and then wait for the installation to finish. A progress indicator displays immediately above the Install button.
  4. Close the Ubuntu Software Center window.
  5. Click the Applications Menu icon, and then click Office to display its menu, which now includes icons for the LibreOffice suite, and its individual applications: Base, Calc, Draw, Impress and Writer.
Configuring LibreOffice - After you have installed LibreOffice, you can configure it according to your preferences. The following links can help you get started with LIbreOffice:

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