Alternative disc-burning software for Ubuntu 12.04

In the Ubuntu 12.04 distribution of the LInux operating system, Brasero Disc Burner is the default disc-burning software, which lets you write to (burn) any blank, writable disc (CD or DVD) that you place into your optical drive. If you have any problem with Brasero, you can install alternative disc-burning software, Xfburn.

To install Xfburn into Ubuntu 12.04 on your PC, do the following:
  1. In the Launcher, click on the Ubuntu Software Center icon.
  2. Type xfburn in the search field.
  3. Click Xfburn, and then click Install.
Note: Do not remove (uninstall) Brasero because you might need either Xfburn or Brasero or according to various circumstances. Either burner might work when the other cannot. For example, while making my first video, How to create a Redo live CD, I needed to burn several CDs while learning to make a correct screencast. To my frustration, after I burned one CD, Brasero would not let me burn another until I rebooted my PC. I later verified that I did not need to reboot my PC while burning multiple discs through Xfburner.


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