Backing up your PC through a Redo live CD

After following the procedure in Creating a Redo live CD, you can use it to back up all software and data on the main hard drive in your PC. You can use the Redo live CD to back up any PC that has a single operating system, which is either Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Note: Redo cannot back up and restore a dual-boot PC.

To create a full-system backup of your PC through a Redo live CD, do the following:
  1. Connect an external drive to your PC through one of its USB ports.
  2. Boot or reboot your Redo live CD and wait for it to display its Welcome window. Be patient; booting the Redo live CD takes time.
  3. Click the Backup icon (blue up arrow), select the hard disk that you wish to back up, and then click Next.
  4. Select all drive parts (partitions), click Next, select the destination drive, such as an external hard drive, and then click Next.
  5. Click Browse, click Create Folder (at the upper right of the screen), type a folder name, such as StandbyPC, and then press Enter to create your folder and display it at the top of the screen.
  6. Click Save Here (at the lower right of the screen), click Next to display the default backup name, which is the current date, such as 20120710.
  7. Click Next to start backing up your hard drive. Be patient; backing up your PC takes time.
  8. After Redo completes the backup, click OK, click Exit, and then restart your PC, which ejects the Redo live CD.

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