Using Linux to rescue Windows

You can use the Linux operating system to clean malware from Microsoft Windows on your PC. Even if you cannot boot Windows due to a viral infection, you can use Linux to rescue Windows. You need not install LInux, you need only create a Linux live CD, use it to boot your PC, and then install and run the ClamTk antivirus software to clean malware from the Windows partition or drive.

Xubuntu is a lean version of Ubuntu, a Linux distribution. To create an Xubuntu live CD, see the Creating an Xubuntu bootable disc procedure in Installing Xubuntu. You can then use the procedures below to install and run ClamTk through your Xubuntu live CD.

Note: You need not use Xubuntu; procedures are similar for other Linux live CDs.

Installing ClamTk - To install ClamTk, do the following:
  1. If you have not already backed up all data on you PC, do so now. Caution: You will lose your data if you accidentally install Linux over your Windows operating system.
  2. Boot your Windows PC through an Xubuntu live CD, click on Try Xubuntu. Do not install it.
  3. Click the Applications Menu (the white mouse at the upper left corner of the screen) and then click Ubuntu Software Center to display its window.
  4. In the search field, type clamtk, select ClamTk, and then click Install.
  5. After ClamTk finishes installing, close the Ubunutu Software Center window, and then run ClamTk according to procedure below.
Running ClamTk - To run ClamTk, do the following:
  1. Install ClamTk according the procedure above.
  2. Click the Applications Menu (white mouse at upper left), select Accessories, and then click ClamTk to display its Virus Scanner window.
  3. Click Preferences, select the Scanning Preferences tab, select (check mark) Scan files beginning with a dot, select Scan all files and directories within a directory, and then close the Preferences window.
  4. Click Scan, click Recursive Scan, select the partition or drive that contains your Windows operating system, and then click OK to start the scan. Be patient; the scan takes a long time.
  5. After ClamTk completes its scan, it displays any threats it has found. Quarantine all threats.
  6. Shut down Xubuntu, remove its live CD, and then boot Windows.

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    DO you know if this would work on Xubuntu? And are there any other virus removal apps for Linux to scan Windows drives at all?