Advice: Upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 ONLY after backup

If you are planning to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10, please first perform a full-system backup. At least back up all your data. The upgrade might not work.

Today, 11-27-2012, after attempting to update my main PC from Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10, I could not make Ubuntu 12.10 work correctly. Despite using the recommended "proprietary, tested" Nvidia display driver, I could not stabilize my display:
  • The Unity launcher would not unhide smoothly.
  • YouTube videos played in stop motion.
Fortunately, before attempting the upgrade, I performed a full-system backup through Clonezilla. I was therefore able to restore my main PC to Ubuntu 12.04.

This failure to upgrade surprised me because I had successfully installed Ubuntu 12.10 (through a live disc) onto my standby PC. I needed only fix the frozen-Dash problem and disable the unwanted Amazon ads. For more information, please see: Fixing and customizing Ubuntu 12.10, Repairing frozen Dash in Ubuntu 12.10, and Disabling Amazon shopping results in Ubuntu 12.10.

Personally, I do not plan to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 until the next long-term-support release is available. Although this is unfortunate, I am still an Ubuntu fan. In my opinion, its 12.04 release is superior to all other Linux distributions.


  1. Very good guide and really easy to follow. Thanks! Also, through terminal one can upgrade as well using the command: sudo do-release-upgrade -d.

  2. Daniel - Thanks for your feedback, and the sudo tip. - Dave