Disabling Amazon shopping results in Ubuntu 12.10 Dash

If you use Dash, the internal search tool in Ubuntu 12.10, to find and display a file, folder, or application, Dash also displays Amazon shopping results (as "More suggestions"). For example, as shown in Figure 1 below, if you search for Python in Dash, it displays not only the IDLE (using Python-3.3) application, but also Amazon shopping results. This document can help you easily disable Amazon shopping results, allowing your search to display only what it finds internally, as shown in Figure 2 below.
Figure 1 - Amazon shopping results enabled
Figure 2 - Amazon shopping results disabled
Author's Note: Amazon shopping results in Dash annoy me. If I am searching for something on my computer, I want only that item; I care not whether Amazon (or any other merchant) can sell me related items. I need not be distracted by eye clutter. If I wish to buy something online, I will search for it through a browser.

You can very easily disable Amazon shopping results, as follows:
  1. As shown in Figure 3 below, in the launcher, click System Settings to display its window.
  2. As shown in Figure 4 below, click Privacy to display its window.
  3. As shown in Figure 5 below, find the switch at the right of When searching in the Dash: Include online search results, and then click the switch to toggle it to OFF.
Figure 3 - Selecting system settings
Figure 4 - Selecting privacy
Figure 5 - Disabling Amazon shopping results

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