Repairing frozen Dash in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 is the newest Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system. After you install or upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10, its Dash search window might not work correctly. Intermittently, Dash can freeze (hang up) after you type only a few characters into its search field. This document can probably help you repair Dash by installing a proprietary video driver.
Authors Note: I experienced this problem on my medium-powered (AMD dual-core, 2 GB memory), rebuilt PC, into which I had installed a new motherboard. I use this machine as my standby and experimental PC, on which I ran Ubuntu 12.04 with no Dash problems.
To repair frozen dash by installing a proprietary video driver, do the following:
  1. In the launcher, click System Settings to display its window, click Software Sources to display its window, and then click the Additional Drivers tab to display its page.
  2. Select an appropriate driver, such as the NVIDIA binary Xorg - - (proprietary, tested) driver shown below, and then click Apply Changes.
  3. When prompted, type your password, and then click Authenticate.
  4. Close the Software Sources window.
  5. Reboot your PC.


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  2. Anonymous04:29

    Worked like a charm. Thanks :)

  3. Anonymous22:43


  4. Anonymous14:39

    Changing to the recommended driver worked. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous07:17

    Yupp, it is working...thank you

  6. Anonymous12:24

    great thank you. I had reinstalled several times before i found your blog.